Are you struggling with...

  • infertility
  • fatigue
  • migraines
  • weight gain
  • or chronic UTIs (perhaps even dealing with a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis)?

And you're tired of...

  • being dismissed by your doctors
  • undergoing treatments that aren't yielding results
  • feeling frustrated and helpless

Then it's time to break the cycle & reclaim your health


I've been gaslit by doctors for decades!

In 2012, I got really sick, and in the midst of running a bunch of labs to figure out what was really going on, I asked my doc about a few values on standard blood tests that were ever so slightly high at the time. She dismissed those saying it was nothing to worry about. 

In 2016, weird symptoms popped up that I knew weren't normal. It took 2 years of doctor hopping to finally find a doctor willing to perform the right tests to get a proper diagnosis.

The past 8 years is peppered with more stories like this most notably a span of 18 months where I struggled with UTI symptoms daily once again finding no answers from a whole host of doctors. This experience was the last straw, the thing that finally forced me to take my health into my own hands, and when I did, I:

  • broke free of UTI symptoms
  • fixed chronic fatigue
  • reduced the frequency of migraines 
  • started fitting into my clothes better

How I did it

As I dug into the medical research, one thing became crystal clear...


Our bodies are not composed of individual systems that have no influence on each other.


Instead, our bodies are a tapestry with every cell communicating with each other in a finely woven way.


The common thread was... hormones. And, not just any hormones. Specifically, three main hormones, the ones most involved in turning matter into energy.


As I dove deeper into the science, continuing to ask the simple question, why? Why are these three hormones key, things started to fall into place. I started to see the common thread creating the tapestry of wellness.


True wellness is possible when there is a seamless dance between energy and matter.


When your body's able to integrate the food you eat with ease, the body thrives!


A thriving body is able to meet energy demands and respond to daily stressors in stride.


You feel well. You don't "pay for it" after a stressful day. You don't sacrifice days of recovery for overdoing it on a Saturday. You don't expect to feel like crap on Thursdays and Fridays because you're running on fumes.


Taking a step back to look at the tapestry, at the weaving of energy and matter, it became clear...


supporting the hormones necessary for energy conversion is the path to wellness.


With this in mind, I developed a framework called The Hormone Lattice. This framework's central to the programs you'll find here and is foundational in the one-on-one work I do with clients.


This framework serves as a beacon to cut through the noise and misinformation and maintain focus on what truly matters. Using nutrition and lifestyle, we begin making the changes needed to support re-alignment of these key hormones... thyroid, insulin, and cortisol... and as these hormones come back into balance, it allows space for every other hormone to find balance.


Is it really that simple? Yes.


When you focus on these three hormones, here's what happens:


  • estrogen dominance falls away
  • your periods are healthier
  • you feel well
  • moodiness? a thing of the past
  • your clothes fit again!
  • migraines aren't a worry anymore
  • fatigue is so far in the rear view mirror you can't even see it
  • and, UTI symptoms? what UTI symptoms?


I have had more energy, fewer sugar cravings, cramps that are much more manageable and tolerable, and absolutely zero UTIs. I feel like my body is my own again. Brandy knows her stuff and I'm overjoyed to have her as a resource!


I love how deeply educational Brandy’s programs are, while also being easy to understand & integrate.


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