Your Hormone Specialist helping you reset your hormones, reclaim your health and feel your absolute best

Brandy’s a pharmaceutical research scientist raised in a family of nurses (her mom, sis, and grandmother are all nurses), and she’s used her research prowess and knowledge of medical lingo and biochemistry in her own health journey.

Identifying weird symptoms caused by an autoimmune thyroid condition and tenaciously advocating for herself in a 2-year journey towards a diagnosis when standard lab work was “normal” is when Brandy’s transformative journey towards recognizing the body as a whole (an intricately connected ecosystem rather than a bunch of disconnected random systems as it’s treated by Western medicine) began. When she decided to do what Western medicine considers impossible, namely “cure” that autoimmune thyroid condition, she also finally realized the huge implications of “controlling” hormonal pathways within the body… and the devastating effects of stopping hormonal birth control cold turkey.

Brandy spent over a year fighting symptoms of hormonal imbalance when she stopped hormonal birth control, and these included:

  • fatigue
  • migraines
  • weight gain (with loss of appetite)
  • and worst of all… chronic UTIs

This time, her health advocacy resulted only in a vicious cycle of antibiotic prescription followed by symptom relapse, and when her physician prescribed a 28-day supply of a powerful antibiotic Brandy decided to finally draw the line. It was past time to get to the root cause of the problem.

By chance or divine intervention, one additional symptom popped up, the missing puzzle piece, and with that Brandy was able to connect all the dots and identify the key underlying imbalance that was causing all of these symptoms, and once she had the complete story, she was able to take action and resolve most of those chronic UTI symptoms within one week. Over time, the fatigue and the migraines fell away and her appetite returned.

Now, she’s helping other women reclaim their lives by balancing their hormones.